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Great Exposure for You and Your Therapy Business.
1. Get a great photo listing with a proper working link to your website.
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3. As you gain experience, you can attract more clients and discover a WORLDWIDE client base by doing PSTEC by phone.
You can easily offer phone based sessions. <<<<< Here's how >>>>>
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1. You will get a massive 25% discount on ALL of following packages:
         PSTEC Advanced … (Regular Price $57.00) … Member Price: $42.75 USD
         Cascade Release … (Regular Price $37.00) … Member Price: $27.75 USD
          PSTEC for Blushing … (Regular Price $7. 00) … Member Price: $5.25 USD
          PSTEC for Physical Issues … (Regular Price $17. 00) … Member Price: $12.75 USD
         PSTEC for PTSD … (Regular Price $37. 00) … Member Price: $27.75 USD
          PSTEC Brain Swap … (Regular Price $27. 00) … Member Price: $20.25 USD
          Bypassing Client Resistance … (Regular Price $12. 00) … Member Price: $9.00 USD
2. AND get Even BIGGER discounts on PSTEC CD’s so you can sell them for profit*
I'm sure you'll agree, that's an impressive list of benefits. Well, all of this can be yours and you'll get access to all of these benefits and huge discounts in the members area when you join the PSTEC Register.
Joining the PSTEC register is amazingly low priced too.
The price of membership is just $40 USD a year!
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What are the benefits of joining the register?

Answer, Every day potential clients click on the Register in many Countries around the World looking for a therapist. The more Therapists who go in the Register the quicker PSTECTM will spread, this will help all of us to be easily found by clients. You will also have a great inbound link which will help your web site show up in Google search, plus for those who don't have a web site the Register will work as your Internet presence finding you customers.


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Join the official World Wide PSTECTM register of trained therapist, where clients from around the World can search for a therapist by either Surname, Village, Town, City, Post/Zip Code or Country.

PSTECTM Level 1 Therapy is a new, exciting, fast, safe, easy to use therapy system changing peoples lives.