Terms & Conditions of membership

1. Registration

Registration and inclusion in the PSTEC Register website is a privilege and not a right. Certain conditions relating to knowledge, ethics and achievement apply and these conditions are for the benefit of all register members and also for the benefit of the public using and accessing the site. 

2. Case Studies

Payment After payment of fees and in respect of new membership, two case studies detailing the use of PSTEC will be required within 3 months of application for membership:- 500 words or more each case study.

3. Level 1 Exam

Register members now need to pass the Level 1 exam as a minimum before inclusion to the register and ideally the advanced exam should be undertaken and passed.

4. Ethics & Standards

Listings and photo listings are subject to approval and may be refused or removed if deemed by the site owner Andy Eckley PSTEC Register Director & Examiner to be inappropriate or if any significant doubt arises as to suitability. 

5. Non Listing Membership 

Some persons may choose to be members of the Register but not to have a listing and that is fine since they may be building their levels of expertise in PSTEC. Listings are subject to certain criteria and these have been tightened as time has passed. 

6. PSTEC Related Links

The PSTEC Register is NOT to be used simply to gain an inbound link for a non PSTEC related use or purpose.  A listing on the PSTEC Register website implies use and expertise with PSTEC. It is to allow a therapist to promote their PSTEC skills and also so that persons wanting help with PSTEC can get it. 

7. PSTEC Enquiry Protocol 

Therefore if a potential client coming from the PSTEC Register asks for PSTEC therapy or for a session to provide advice regarding PSTEC then such a request should be satisfied if a session or sessions ensue. They shall not be diverted onto completely different therapies but should be offered PSTEC as per their wish. Obviously this does not hand tie a therapist completely but an enquiry regarding PSTEC should be handled as a PSTEC enquiry and not as something else. 

8. Complaints Procedure

Occasionally complaints have arisen regarding such abuses and some members have been removed in the past. Any complaints received by the PSTEC Register from members of the public willing to pay for assistance with PSTEC but then being diverted onto a completely different therapy or handled in a similarly inappropriate manner will be followed up and removal from the register and or its listings may apply. 

9. Website Links

For a similar reason, all website links used by therapists must go to a PSTEC related landing page as a requirement for listing. Failure to do this is likely to result in removal of the link and probably also in your membership being deleted.

10. PSTEC Advertising Standards

In the event that a serious doubt exists as to a registrants advertising or service, then a registrants entry may be removed from the register website pending review. Such concerns may relate to the therapist themselves, the therapies they offer, their advertising or their service to clients. At such time the registrant will have the opportunity to put their case or to make changes as appropriate. If the register still has concerns or the therapist chooses not to make any requested changes then the public facing entry on the register may be removed permanently. Such action is solely at the discretion of the registrar. The registrar may also choose to refund or not. Such will depend upon circumstances and will be solely at the discretion of the register owner and manager Andy Eckley. 

11. Complaints Regarding Ethics

Complaints about a PSTEC Registry member's standards of ethics made by members of the public will be followed up and if upheld then the member will be liable to removal from the register.

12. Acceptance of Terms

Payment for registration constitutes a complete acceptance of these terms and no dispute will be entered into. No refunds will be given if members fail to abide by the above terms & conditions. 

13. Summary: 

In other words, registrants must use the register for its intended purpose and in a manner which is professional and ethical. Failure to do so may result in removal.


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