Level 1 exam page

Please print your name below exactly as you would like it to appear on your certificate. Your certificate will be sent to the address given by PayPal as your verified address unless you tell me otherwise...

In order to ensure public confidence in the PSTEC examination process,
register entry and examinations will only count when successfully
undertaken by therapists who have actually BOUGHT and STUDIED the
relevant audio materials. Periodic checks will be undertaken to ensure that this is the case.
For this reason it's best to supply details of when you bought and
studied the audios from the outset or when undertaking examination.

You have 6 attempts to pass before you forfeit the right to pass the exam so please listen carefully to the tutorial in the Level 1 package. 

PSTECTM Level 1 Therapy is a new, exciting, fast, safe, easy to use therapy system changing peoples lives.