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PSTEC Questions and Answers



 How do I join the Register?

Answer, This is a 2 step process.

How do I take the Exams? 


Can I join The Register without taking the exams?

 Answer, No.

How do I get the Certificate?

Answer, I will automatically send you your official certificate signed by Tim Phizackerley and Andy Eckley via first class mail as soon as possible (after you have passed and paid for that exam).

Why do I have to send proof of purchasing the downloads?

Answer, In the UK your personal details are protected by "the data protection act" this stops the transfer of personal data from one business to another. This means that you will have to prove to me which tracks you have legally downloaded from Tim's main PSTEC site

Why is the fee payable in US Dollars GBP and not my currency ie, UK Pounds ?

Answer, All PSTEC Products are in USD so I have decided it is easier for the register to also be in US.Dollars to save confusion, but don't worry PayPal will automatically convert the amount shown into your own currency, Just click on the button and let PayPal do the work.

How do I know how much I'm paying I don't understand $ signs?

Answer, Just click on this site to get a conversion into any currency around the World.

Why is the cost of the register and exams so low there must be a catch?

Answer, There is no catch Tim, Jeff & I (Andy Eckley) all want PSTECTM to spread around the World helping as many people heal from emotional traumas as possible.

Why should I go in the Register, what's in it for me?

Answer, Every day potential clients click on the Register in many Countries around the World looking for a therapist. The more Therapists who go in the Register the quicker PSTECTM will spread, this will help all of us to be easily found by clients. You will also have a great inbound link which will help your web site show up in Google search, plus for those who don't have a web site the Register will work as your Internet presence finding you customers.

Who is allowed on the Register?

"Listings and photo listings are subject to approval and may be refused or removed if deemed by the site owner to be inappropriate or if any significant doubt arises as to suitability." Full terms & conditions here

Grow your therapy practice. Make your therapy business much much more successful, and join the PSTEC Register today.


Here's what you need to do next: 

  1. Sign Up by clicking on the yellow button below.
  2. Make sure you send proof of your Level 1 download to

Join the official World Wide PSTECTM register of trained therapist, where clients from around the World can search for a therapist by either Surname, Village, Town, City, Post/Zip Code or Country.

To qualify, you must:

  1. Be a working therapist who has studied PSTECTM to level 1 or beyond.
  2. Passed at least the Level 1 exam (prefferably the advanced exam too)
  3. Within 3 months of membership have sent in two 500 word case studies which have been passed as acceptable by Andy Eckley

As long as you have done this and use PSTECTM with clients you can get an entry on the register subject to  the following: 

"Listings and photo listings are subject to approval and may be refused or removed if deemed by the PSTEC Register Director Andy Eckley to be inappropriate or if any significant doubt arises as to suitability."

Full Terms & conditions here

PSTECTM Level 1 Therapy is a new, exciting, fast, safe, easy to use therapy system changing peoples lives.